10 pergolas are in-stock on Amazon right now

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During his senior year of high school, my brother built a pergola for his final project in woodshop. Since then, I’ve wanted a pergola of my own to add plants and chimes to.  Louvered Gazebo

10 pergolas are in-stock on Amazon right now

Unfortunately, I live in an apartment in a city and don’t have a few spare square feet of my own for such a structure. If you do, though, pergolas are great for patios and backyard spaces because they provide protection from the sun and rain while also adding a bit of personality. 

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They can protect dining sets, expensive grills, and hottubs as well as giving you a defined area for entertaining and hosting.

While a pergola usually requires a bit of effort at set-up, buying one doesn’t have to, especially when you order one online. For convenience and ease, we’ve rounded up 10 pergolas that are currently in stock on Amazon so you can turn your outdoor space into a favorite hangout.

This water-repellent pergola comes in three sizes, and its “ceiling” is made of a UV-resistant polyester that can be retracted, like horizontal blinds, which makes it great for days when the sun comes in and out. You can also retract the canopy at night to see the stars. 

Reviewers call this pergola “well-designed and elegant” and note that it’s wonderful by a pool or over a hot tub.  

Get the Purple Leaf 10-foot by 13-foot Outdoor Retractable Pergola for $516.38

This pop-up gazebo/pergola is a portable option so you always have a bit of shelter overhead. It has a double top design that provides ventilation and helps “to release trapped heat and also provides increased stability in windy conditions by allowing the wind to pass through the vent.” 

Though the pergola is great for campsites and backyards, it’s not suitable for lightning storms, rainstorms, and snow—however, reviewers have many anecdotes about the gazebo’s stability and durability, even in storms. 

Get the ABC Canopy 13-foot by 13-foot Gazebo Tent for $229.95

When someone says “pergola” this is probably what your mind springs to first: wooden columns and a slatted wooden top from which you can hang plants, decoration, and lights. 

The trellis design is functional and beautiful, and you can buy a separate canopy to add another layer of sun protection but the layered wood provides plenty of shade on its own. 

This model is made with New Zealand pine with a water varnish, so “the gazebo is rot-resistant and highly resistant to natural decay.”

Get the U-Max 12-foot by 10-foot New Zealand Pine Wood Pergola for $1,079.99

The Coolaroo pergola is great for smaller spaces, measuring just under 10 square feet. The pergola’s frame is sturdy and rust-resistant, so it’ll last through the rainy and cool seasons just as well as in the summer heat. 

Reviewers love how easy the assembly is and many give this pergola 5 stars because of its weatherproofing and shadiness. Plus, the canopy can retract! 

Get the Coolaroo Aurora Backyard Pergola for $501.72

This pergola may not be what first comes to mind when you think of pergolas, but it’s lightweight and has almost 3,000 5-star ratings. Its sails are made of UV-blocking high density polyethylene and come in about a dozen colors, so you can match your shades with your garden or furniture. 

It’s great for cover over seating areas, grills, and, even, gardens. One reviewer notes that they let water through, but it’s actually a benefit. “In fact, if they didn’t let water through, that would be a problem because they would fill with rainwater and probably break whatever ties you are using to anchor it.”

Get the Shade & Beyond Triangle Sun Shade for $40.11

In some cases, it’s OK if a pergola lets a bit of water through or has a retractable canopy, but in some cases—like over a dining space—you don’t really want those features. You want your nicer furniture to be protected from fading or water damage, and no one wants their dinner to get wet! 

This 10-foot by 13-foot pergola has brushed aluminum poles and a double hardtop roof that lets some sunlight through but blocks rain and UV rays. There are also net-like curtains that can wrap around each pole or hang on each side, like a tent, to keep unwanted weather out. 

Get the Erommy 10-foot by 13-foot Aluminum Pergola for $1,099.99

This pergola features sturdy anchoring stands beneath each corner pole, and the canopy across the top works on a sliding rail for easy transitions on sunny and cloudy days. The canopy fabric itself is UV-resistant, fire-resistant, and water-repellent, making this pergola a great option for above grill areas or hot tubs. 

Whereas many pergolas are square, this rectangular item is great for sofa or dining areas that fit more than four people. 

Get the Domi Outdoor Living Pergola for $619.99

Most pergolas are a simple, square design with four corner columns and a trellis or canopy. This arched pergola is similar, but features a slightly curved roof that is both cute and spacious. The set up is straightforward, though it’s a two person job. 

Reviewers also suggest a waterproofing spray or treatment once you assemble the pergola.  

Get the Sunjoy Steel Arched Pergola for $599.99

This pergola is also a gazebo, with a hard roof that is certain to keep rain out and everything beneath it dry. It’s much heavier than most backyard pergola structures, but if that’s what you’re looking for this is the one for you. 

You can secure each corner into the surface below for extra sturdiness, and there are optional rails that can serve as curtain rods if you want to add curtains. 

I like the wooden columns because you can drill into them to add plant hooks, suncatchers, and other décor. 

Get the Sunjoy Bridgeport Cedar Gazebo for $1,881

This pergola checks all the boxes—retractable canopy, sturdy frame, UV protection, water drainage—and for a bargain price. It’s also lightweight and versatile, making it a great option for those who may want to use it in multiple locations or at business sites. 

Reviewers note that the build instructions are only pictures, like an Ikea item, but still call this “the perfect pergola” and say it has “great value for the price.”

Get the Outsunny 10-foot by 10-foot Retractable Patio Pergola for $259.99

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10 pergolas are in-stock on Amazon right now

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