The electric ATV cost $1,900 and was a hit when launched last year

The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids was one of last year’s hottest Christmas gifts as it sold out almost instantly and some were selling for thousands of dollars on eBay. Fast forward to today and the $1,900 EV is being recalled as it “fails to comply with the federal mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs”. Electro Quad

Tesla Cyberquad For Kids Recalled After Adult Tipped Over And Bruised Herself | Carscoops

The recall comes after an incident involving a Cyberquad that tipped over when being driven by an eight-year-old child and a 36-year-old woman. While the vehicle is only supposed to be driven by one person, the adult bruised her shoulder in the incident.

In a notice spotted by Roadshow, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said the ATV doesn’t meet safety standards related to its mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure. They went on to say the Cyberquad “lacks a CPSC-approved ATV action plan, which is required to manufacture, import, sell, or distribute ATVs.”

The latter is notable as the action plan contains “numerous safety requirements, such as rider training, dissemination of safety information, age recommendations, and other safety measures” that are designed to “reduce crash and injury hazards, preventing serious injury or death.”

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As a result, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says owners should immediately stop using the Cyberquad and contact Radio Flyer for a full refund. However, this is easier said than done as owners will have to remove the Cyberquad’s motor controller and send it back to Radio Flyer via a prepaid envelope. Once this is complete, the Cyberquad will be permanently disabled and owners will get their money back. Customers can also receive up to $50 to help cover costs associated with the disposal of the Cyberquad itself.

Tesla Cyberquad For Kids Recalled After Adult Tipped Over And Bruised Herself | Carscoops

Quad Bikes For Kids The Cyberquad for Kids was built by China’s Feishen Vehicle Industry Co and imported by Radio Flyer. It was sold on Tesla’s website and there are around 5,000 of them out there.