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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a garden to grow vegetables. You can grow your vegetables in your own home! Grow lights are an investment you should make to ensure your vegetables grow optimally so that they can provide you with yummy food. By mimicking natural sunlight, grow lights can help your vegetables grow rapidly and provide a plentiful harvest. Here are some of the best grow lights for vegetables you can choose from! We’ve picked the best 6 to meet a variety of needs. Led Plant Grow Light

The 6 Best Grow Lights for Vegetables - AZ Animals

The GooingTop Led Grow Light is perfect for all of your indoor vegetable growing needs. Mounted by a sturdy clip that can attach to any surface edge, such as a table or pot rim, there is a lot of flexibility to get the perfect positioning. Each lamp has a double configuration with two light bars mounted on flexible gooseneck stands. This clean and modern setup means you achieve more light coverage without having to buy and power a separate light.

This grow light utilizes high-power, high-efficiency LEDs. Drawing only 10 watts but delivering the equivalent output of a 50-watt bulb (Or 36W in, 100W out for the next model up), you get the benefit of low running costs and less heat output. The circular timing control and dimming features allow you to choose the duration for auto-on and auto-off and the light intensity to suit your vegetable plants’ needs. This light is very affordable: $26.99 for the 50W output or $34.99 for the 100W output. 

Similar to the GooinTop Grow Light, the FRENAN grow light features flexible gooseneck stands. However, this one doubles the number of light bars and also sits on a tripod so that it can be positioned anywhere, with floor mounting being the most effective. The FRENAN Grow Light allows you to choose between full spectrum (yellow or white), mixed, or red/blue light. Because different plants will benefit in different ways from each spectrum, the flexibility to choose the one to suit your needs is ideal.

Because it is floor mounted, it is on the larger side for grow lights. It is height adjustable from 15 inches to 63 inches. The product also features a timer and brightness control for convenience. Costing just $49.99, it is good value for money, especially if you are planning to use it on multiple plants.

The DIGLAB indoor garden grow light uses LED light to help your indoor vegetable garden grow to its best ability. This minimalist design grow light is perfect for small vegetable gardens in your home. The design ensures less clutter while still getting the benefits of having a grow light. The DIGLAB Indoor Garden LED Grow Light is white and is 15 inches in width and 17 inches in height. As it is a full-spectrum LED grow light, it is guaranteed to promote photosynthesis for most plants. Using this grow light for your vegetables will help with rapid growth and abundant harvests.

This grow light comes with many features to aid in your vegetable garden growth. An automatic on/off function with timer options ensures your vegetables get enough light while also ensuring your vegetables do not get overexposed to the light. The product also comes with 4 dimmable modes for you to be able to adjust the light intensity for your vegetable plants. This fantastic product will cost you $35.99. This is a steal for the benefits this grow light will provide your vegetables.

The Bozily 45W Gooseneck Grow Light is a perfect light for those wanting an easily adjustable light for their indoor vegetable garden. Because of the gooseneck design, maneuvering the light to where you want is easy. This product comes with two replaceable bulbs, which are full-spectrum LED lights. This is ideal for healthy vegetable growing – mimicking the sun where the sun is not available. A stable clamp is included so that you can clamp the light at a convenient spot as well as change the position of the grow light.

Another cool feature of the product is that it is dimmable, making it perfect for plants with different growing cycles.

The product also features a quality warranty. This means that if you experience any factor issues such as overheating, overvoltage, or overcurrent, you get will be protected by a 2-year quality guarantee. At only $29.99, the value for money is unmistakable. If you are looking for a cheap, good quality grow light, purchase the Bozily 45W grow light, your vegetables will thank you for it.

This grow light is unique as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The product includes 6 lights that are connected by a waterproof string. This prevents any electrical issues when using the grow light outdoors. The lights used are full-spectrum LED. This ensures that your vegetables will grow in optimal conditions. The brightness of this grow light is outstanding, so it can be installed further away than other grow lights! The coverage of the product is excellent as well. This product is a particularly great choice for people with a large vegetable garden – either indoors or in a greenhouse.

You can purchase the product with or without a timer. You can also choose whether you want 6 lights or 12. For 6 lights and a timer, the price is $79.99. Although it costs more than other grow lights, this product is still great value for money as you get a lot of coverage, can use it indoors and outdoors, and you can ensure your vegetables get the light they need. 

This grow light features two rows of high-quality, full-spectrum LEDs, giving them a wide beam angle and more plant coverage, perfect for all stages of your vegetables’ growth. The LED strips have an output of 24 watts each, and the aluminum enclosure provides efficient heat dissipation for this amount of power.

The modular design allows for easy installation and the ability to extend the array to suit your needs. It is perfect for any application, such as between shelving or in a greenhouse or grow tent, and even comes with everything you need to mount them safely. The plug-and-play system means you can connect multiple strips together and run them from a single power source. At $99.99, this product is pricier than other grow lights, but the coverage and easy installation make it worth the extra price!

What type of grow light is best for vegetables?

A full-spectrum light is recommended to help your vegetables grow optimally, but each stage of growth will require different intensities and spectrums.

Do grow lights help at all?

Yes. They are an extremely useful tool when lighting conditions are insufficient, as they can help keep vegetables happy and healthy. It helps them to grow faster and produce a better harvest.

Should you keep grow lights on for a whole day?

It is best not to keep your grow light on for a whole day. Your vegetables need a period of rest to develop properly.

When would I use a dimmable feature?

Seedlings do need bright light to grow, but if the light is too bright, seedlings can be damaged. A dimmable feature can help ensure the seedlings do not get damaged but still get the light they need to grow healthy.

How far away should grow lights be positioned from plants?

It depends on the type of light and the intensity of the light. As a general rule, start with the light about 2 feet away from the tops of the plants and adjust as needed. If it is too close, you risk burning the plant, but if it is too far away, the plant may not receive enough light, and its growth will be affected.

What are the best vegetables to grow with a grow light?

Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and legumes are moderately-easy vegetables to grow indoors using a grow light. They require around 14-20 hours of light per day. Lettuce, spinach, kale, and microgreens are also easy-to-grow vegetables using a grow light. These require less light – about 12 hours per day.

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The 6 Best Grow Lights for Vegetables - AZ Animals

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